Defining the Ideal in PA Properties’ Latest Development in Lipa

PA Properties and Hankyu Hanshin, the partnership behind the success of Idesia in Dasmarinas, Cavite, offers yet another beautiful Idesia development, this time in Lipa, Batangas.

On January 30, 2021, PA Properties introduced its latest development to the property market–Idesia Lipa, a masterplanned community with high-standard amenities spanning 11.37 hectares. The brainchild of their partnership with Japanese firm Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corporation, Idesia Lipa combines Japanese expertise in quality living and the Filipino sense of community.

Focusing on What Matters to the Modern Filipino Family

“A dream, once shared, becomes possibilities. And possibilities passionately pursued turn into reality,” Gretchen Ho, host of the online unveiling for Idesia Lipa, said. For Filipino families, the dream of living in an ideal community is now possible with the development created together by PA Properties and Hankyu Hanshin.

“The results are houses that give a high quality of life, practical, convenient, and have friendly and sustainable communities,” said Masahiko Toda, Executive Officer of Hankyu Hanshin.

Living with the new normal of the pandemic, the ideal address of Filipinos is somewhere they can live, grow, play, and thrive as a family. Let’s take a look at the pillars that make Idesia Lipa the ideal community:


The ideal home for Filipinos, especially in light of the pandemic, is located in a community where everything is within reach. You want recreational facilities right at your doorstep, and you want your family to be a tight-knit unit as well.

In Idesia Lipa, growing and thriving as a family is one of the priorities. In its Togetherness zone, the development features amenities including the clubhouse pavilion, swimming pool, kiddie pool, indoor fitness area, and the amphitheater or outdoor cinema. These amenities make a difference in the life of Filipinos especially during a time when there is an increased demand for recreational activities within communities.

Lamudi’s data supports this, with areas for active leisure continuing to be some of the most in-demand amenities in 2021. Last year, the combined page views of swimming pools, gyms, and gardens accounted for 18.19% of searches on Lamudi. With these amenities right where your home is located, there will be no need to venture out just to spend time with the family.


Even if you are staying inside your community, ideally, you want to keep fit and stay active. A healthier body keeps a healthier mind, and keeps sicknesses at bay. But of course, your ideal home should still provide options that fit your chosen way to stay active.

Idesia Lipa features a plethora of active areas in its Wellness zone. Play ball with your friends on the basketball court. Unwind with your siblings or spouse in a game of tennis at the tennis court, while the children play and explore at the playground. Take a stroll at the pet park, which offers a space to off-leash your pet and interact with others.


For moments when you want some peace and quiet, your ideal neighborhood should also have a dedicated space. One of the best ways to unwind pre-pandemic was to travel to new places. Idesia Lipa brings this closer to you with their sakura garden with gazebos, reading and meditation gardens, and lagoon at the Serenity zone.

You have everything covered for all those aesthetic Instagram selfies, and even when you’re disconnecting from the world for your peace of mind, you are treated to beautiful scenery and greenery that lifts your mood.

Scan the code for a virtual tour of Idesia Lipa–right in your own home.

Combining Serene Surroundings and Opportunities for Growth

“Regions outside but near Metro Manila are increasingly becoming a popular choice among homeseekers,” Jonathan Lu, President of PA Properties, said during the online unveiling. According to Lamudi data, properties in Southern Luzon are some of the most attractive investment choices. Property seekers in Dasmarinas, the home of Idesia’s first development, accounted for almost 4% of provincial searches on Lamudi in 2020.

Real estate in Lipa is also one of the most attractive investments in Southern Luzon, with the demand for houses in the city steadily growing. Compared to January 2020, pageviews for houses in Lipa on Lamudi grew by 80.2% in December of the same year. This growth further rose by 48.23% in January 2021.

Infrastructure developments in the region make living in Lipa a hassle-free choice. Going to Metro Manila will be easy with the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway connecting Lipa City to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Skyway. The Lipa (Talisay)-Padre Garcia diversion road, currently ongoing, will also help decongest the traffic going in and out of Lipa.

“With the near completion of the Skyway Extension and CALAX, more ventures are expected to establish in the Batangas province, creating more opportunities and attracting more homebuyers,” Lu added. “Thanks to the bypass road being built by the DPWH, easier access and faster travel to the Lipa Idesia property will be enjoyed by future homeowners.”

PA Properties and Hankyu Hanshin have further plans to build where infrastructure and demand are rising. They also have plans to develop masterplanned communities in real estate hotspots San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan and Cabuyao, Laguna.

As priorities change for homebuyers, the ideal development is one that should address your current and future needs in a home. Live the ideal way of living at Idesia Lipa.

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