Design Meets Functionality: Developments with Themes that Stand Out

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When we look at the imposing structures around us, the first thing we think about is their design and architecture. Usually, it’s the development’s aesthetics that draw seekers into the property, and the functionality and accessibility follow. It is not new for real estate developers to incorporate their signature architecture in their latest project, paired with cutting-edge construction and functional amenities to appeal to the tastes and needs of their niche.

And while many developments celebrate their iconic designs, exceptional projects go one step further and incorporate efficiency and sustainability into their developments.

The Seasons Residences

Seekers looking for a piece of Japan should look no further than The Seasons Residences at the heart of BGC. This four-tower condominium development is a collaboration of Federal Land, Inc. with Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd., two of Japan’s premier companies.

The four residential towers are named after Japan’s four seasons: Active Spring, Breezy Summer, Creative Autumn, and Dreamy Spring. What makes the residential development unique is that the name of the four towers are aligned with their respective facilities. Filipinos who have been to Japan will find the architecture of The Seasons Residences reminiscent of the country.

The Seasons Residences benefits from the iconic design precision Nomura Real Estate is known for. They use VCD, or viscoelastic coupling damper, an economic high-performing damping system enhanced to reinforce concrete structures. It utilizes high-damping material bonded between steel plates to increase the building’s resilience to both wind and earthquakes.

This prime feature sets The Seasons Residences apart from other innovative projects, addressing the natural issue of frequent earthquakes experienced by both Japan and the Philippines. Their efficient use of Japanese innovation won them the Best Innovative Project award during The Outlook Awards 2019, held last November 14, 2019.

Sanremo Oasis at Citta di Mare

Sanremo Oasis at Citta di Mare illustrates the perfect combination of city living and relaxation in the comforts of the bustling city. It is a mid-rise residential township by Aspire Filinvest that is inspired by the idyllic scene of the Meditteranean coast. With its verdant surroundings, alfresco areas and resort-style amenities, the Italian-town-inspired development brings residents closer to the beauty of the Mediterranean coast. Residents will also feel like they are living in a modern Renaissance-like community accompanied by fresh air and sunny outdoors.

Aside from Sanremo Oasis’ breathtaking design, the mid-rise community is hinged on “green,” in the sense that their amenities complement their landscapes and the natural surroundings of the development. Its overall focus on combining nature and comfort creates an atmosphere of rejuvenation and relaxation amidst the thriving city of Cebu. Sanremo Oasis’ advocacy for green architecture helped them win the Best Premium Condo award in The Outlook Awards 2019.

Amoa Residences

While many look for the comforts of living close to the center of activity, others prefer a more laid-back atmosphere. Amoa in Compostela, Cebu presents the traditional Filipino “bahay-na-bato” in its master-planned gated community. This residential community by AboitizLand draws influence from their Cebuano heritage. The development’s contemporary Filipino aesthetics perfectly suits the stunning view of the hills and the sea, a refreshing outlook beyond the modern design of the houses and the conveniences of the city.

Complementing Amoa’s “bahay-na-bato” concept is AboitizLand’s construction of houses that facilitate natural lighting and ventilation. Amoa houses are built with “ventanillas,” or wide windows to allow wind and natural light to come in through its unique latticed design. These houses are not only reminiscent of how Filipino families lived in the past, but they also offer a more modern take on Filipino culture. This earned Amoa the award Best House in the Visayas and Mindanao area at The Outlook: Philippine Buyers’ Choice Property Awards.

Hamilo Coast

Another residential and mixed-use development that showcases the beauty of the Philippines is Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas. This abundant mixed-use development takes pride in its picturesque surroundings, allowing residents and visitors to savor the beauty of the Philippines’ rich landscapes and seas. Hamilo Coast is also home to luxury beach resorts like the Pico De Loro Cove and Freia at Pico De Loro Cove.

Hamilo Coast has always banked on its founder “Tatang” Henry Sy’s belief that their main role as real estate developers is to promote the beauty of the Philippines. They have put together residential, leisure, and institutional components in one sustainable environment.

Before becoming a premier beach resort and a thriving sustainable community, Hamilo Coast used to be a barren piece of land. Today, Hamilo Coast showcases the beauty of the Philippines and partners with the World Wide Fund Philippines in implementing environmental programs aimed at preserving the quality of Hamilo Coast’s natural surroundings–all while advancing the development of the estate. Hamilo Coast was awarded the Best Mixed-Use Development in Luzon at The Outlook Awards.

Style Meets Sustainability

Other than world-class aesthetics, award-winning developers have also incorporated green architecture into their projects, highlighting the importance of sustainability in building. Despite the variety of themes, one thing they all have in common is their advocacy to be resilient and to preserve the environment.

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