How Brokers can Unwind and Still Get Work Done

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It’s time to put work and play together. It’s possible, even for a real estate broker.

During times when work gets burdensome, you need to lean towards fun to remind yourself of the good times you can have while doing something worthwhile. Here are some ideas to help brokers find potential clients while doing an activity they enjoy:

Be Active on Social Media

Most of the property seekers are on their phones all the time. You probably are too, because you want to connect with them. Why not make your social media use a productive time instead?

By joining groups that keep you connected with potential clients, you get to build engagement while sharing stories and highlights of your day. There are also pages and groups for people looking for homes in the city. Take this opportunity and be active in promoting your brand and services.

Tip: Instead of posting spam-like messages, be sincere in answering queries. Making a good impression is one step closer to being the top real estate resource person for people in your area. Add your contact details in your profile, so property seekers know how to reach you.

Create your own hashtag for real estate concerns. It’s better if it’s a play on your name, so it can be used for brand recall and as a medium to help find your potential clients.

Start Your Blog

If writing is an activity you enjoy, maybe it’s time to start your blog. Brokers are sometimes focused on having a quick and easy lead-generating activity. This ends up in a client-broker relationship not deep enough for them to remember or recommend you further.

Having your website is an advantage. You can write personal stories about the neighborhood you are offering, or share relatable experiences you have in finding a home. Create a good digital footprint so that when people search for your name online, they’d see first your passion for your work and how reliable you are.

Host Parties and Events for Current and Future Clients

One way to grow your relationship with your existing client is by creating something they’ll enjoy. If you love organizing events or parties, why not create one for them?

This way, you can add value to your current relationship with your clients while also meeting and connecting with their circle (a.k.a. potential clients).

Host the party in the neighborhood or building you are selling so potential clients can see the place for themselves.

Create Webinars or Speak at Seminars

Being a seminar speaker increases professionalism and expertise in any given field. If you are not given this opportunity, yet you are confident with your skills and believe you have so much to share, create your seminar instead.

Take advantage of the Internet and create your own course/talk online. Market your output and target people in need of expert advice. Be confident and earn their trust. Your course may help them and you may, later on, have new clients.

Organize a Charitable Activity

If you and your potential client have a heart for charity, a deal where you’d donate a percentage of your commission to the chosen charity of your client might leave a good impression on them.

People are more inclined to purchase something when they know they can help someone in return or when they put their money to good use.

This act might work for clients who share the same ideal. Just make sure that this initiative is indeed out of goodwill.

Join Networking Events, Meet-ups and Conferences

By joining events for real estate developers, brokers, and buyers, you get in touch with people who can be sources of information and share with you the best practices in the industry.

Take this opportunity to socialize and expand your market and network. This is also a moment to study your competition and see what they offer.

Check out and bookmark the Lamudi Calendar of Events for 2019 to stay updated with real estate happenings like the Lamudi Link, a brokers’ networking night filled with fun, casual conversation, and games.

Sometimes, something new can be helpful in many ways. Inject something fun in the work that you do. This will give you more willpower and something to look forward to.

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