Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards: Individual Winners

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The Lamudi Broker Awards is one of the most highly-anticipated celebrations in the real estate industry. But given the coronavirus crisis and the different levels of community quarantine in place, it’s impossible to gather in one place and be together. The Lamudi team, however, refused to let this year pass without honoring the hard-working, committed broker-partners. For this reason, the Lamudi Broker Awards 2020 is not like any other.

Instead of taking place in a grand ballroom, the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards was celebrated in many homes all over the country through the power of technology. While brokers weren’t able to see each other face to face, they were one in the spirit of victory, as they’re joined by equally expectant loved ones, tuned in to laptops and mobile phones.

The Lamudi Broker Awards has gone virtual this 2020. A series of videos are uploaded on the company’s official Facebook page, announcing distinguished brokers. The first installment acknowledges winners of the Individual Awards category.

A Word from the CEO

Opening the virtual ceremony, Bhavna Suresh, CEO of Lamudi, offered encouragement, “We at Lamudi didn’t want to not celebrate all of you in 2020. Yes, it’s been a very, very challenging year, but we’re all in this together. Times are difficult, but I think it’s more important now for us to celebrate each other than it ever has been in the past. This is our way of appreciating each of you.”

“Thank you for doing what you do and helping the industry move forward,” she added.

Inspiring optimism, Suresh urged, “Continue staying strong. Stay healthy. Just remember, we’re all in this together. When we come out of this, it’s just going to be a great day for us to start all over again.”

Here are the winners of the Individual Awards:

Most Number of Listings Uploaded


  • Raymond Atencio
  • Evelyn Samaniego
  • Lourdes Lamata
  • Rey Sonico

Winner: Raymond Atencio

Most Responsive Broker


  • Juliet Puzon
  • Monique Festin
  • Myra Sadie
  • Julieta Ong
  • Evelyn Galagar

Winner: Myra Sadie

Sadie expressed gratitude to Lamudi and recognized the impact it had on improving the lives of brokers. “I’m very much thankful for the recognition and award. I am proud to be a Lamudi partner since 2016. You’re indeed a great help to all real estate professionals,” she shared.

Most Leads Generated


  • Rolan de Guzman
  • Evelyn Samaniego
  • Audie Villaraza
  • Mary Grace Panganiban
  • Mark Lucas

Winner: Rolan de Guzman

De Guzman likewise thanked Lamudi, as he acknowledged the efforts of his team. “I’d like to thank my colleagues for posting, posting, and posting properties for sale or rent. You really need a break, so just stay at home, and keep posting,” he said.

Loyalty Award


  • Louella Laranang
  • Emma Yamson
  • Arman Baruel
  • Joan Raquinio
  • Maria Pamela Tan

Winner: Emma Yamson

New Broker of the Year – Luzon


  • Herbey Ginete
  • Dana Rio Roldan
  • Neggie Rose
  • Dean San Juan
  • John Aldrin Reyes

Winner: Neggie Rose

New Broker of the Year – Visayas and Mindanao


  • Rodel Georpe
  • Jade Enanoria
  • Jireh Orbillos
  • Jesa Arapan
  • Cathyrine Ferrer

Winner: CathYrine Ferrer

Broker of the Year – Luzon


  • Glenda Joyce Tanlimco
  • Lourdes Lamata
  • June Cena
  • Mariss Dy
  • June Rubio Gonzales

Winner: Glenda Joyce Tanlimco

Broker of the Year – Visayas and Mindanao


  • Bryan Uytengsu
  • Allan Esmeralda
  • Halbert Tillor
  • Jake Lacson
  • Jude Embrado

Winner: Bryan Uytengsu

Uytengsu looked back at how Lamudi helped him grow his profession. He said, “After being with Lamudi for quite a while now, they have assisted me in generating leads and helped me close real estate transactions. I’d like to thank all the patrons of Lamudi Philippines, and the company itself for giving me this rare opportunity and recognition.”

Closing the ceremony, RJ Ledesma, Board Governor of Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. (SHDA) and Host of CNN Philippines’ Philippine Realty TV, congratulated all the winners of the Individual Awards Category.

Ledesma cheered on the successful brokers, recognizing their important role in the country’s economic progress. “You are the frontliners of our industry, a very crucial industry, that helps support the growth of our country. Once this lockdown is over, I’m very proud to say that you will be the ones to make our economy bounce back.”

In the next couple of days, another batch of winners for the other categories will be announced in the succeeding videos. Tune in to Lamudi’s official Facebook page to know more about the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards.

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