Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards: Top Trained Brokers and Brokerages

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The Lamudi Broker Awards honors the hard work of real estate professionals, putting a spotlight on their contributions to propel the industry forward. This year, the ceremony takes on a new look, embracing the new normal in the era of social distancing and community quarantine. Swapping a huge, fancy gathering for a more intimate ‘meeting’, the Lamudi Broker Awards 2020 has gone virtual, taking place in pocket-sized screens, in a series of videos shared with loved ones at home.

In the first installment of the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards, we acknowledged distinguished real estate professionals who won in the Individual Awards category. In the second segment, we’re shining a spotlight on Lamudi Academy’s top brokers and top brokerage companies.

A Word from the Coach

Harping on the core essence of the recognition, Learning and Development Coach Nadine Pacis said in the opening remarks, “Through this award, we want to emphasize and highlight the passion to constantly improve one’s skills and knowledge through our online training platforms. From all of us here in Lamudi, we thank you for your trust.”

Since 2018, Lamudi Academy has witnessed the determination of professionals to grow their careers and find success in the industry. In every training session, the coaches see for themselves brokers who are ready to dive into the aggressive world of online marketing and selling. More than the gains in their professions, the motivation comes from serving the market better, making the industry worthy of trust.

This is why Lamudi has the highest respect for these hard-working agents, while also having the deepest gratitude for their confidence in the organization’s skilled coaches.

Here are the winners:

Lamudi Top Trained Brokers 2020

  • Jocelyn Abrajano
  • Joresa Gonzales
  • Jesse Bergonia
  • Vivian Bunales
  • Christine Anne Dagle
  • Junsay Reymar
  • Ma. Belinda Palomo
  • Ricardo Payuran

Lamudi Top Trained Brokerages 2020

  • Rising Land Realty
  • Driven Marketing
  • Bachelor’s Realty
  • M.A. Yabut Realty
  • Villasor Realty
  • House for Less
  • Paulita Paguntalan Realty
  • Jamtrac Realty

Learning and Development

As the educational arm of Lamudi, Lamudi Academy provides training sessions aimed to equip brokers and agents in digital marketing and selling efforts. Currently, there are three levels of training: basic, advanced, and expert.

Academy Classes

Offered for free, the Basic Level is an introduction to using online platforms for marketing properties. Under this course, professionals are able to learn top online lead generation channels, the pros and cons of each, and ways to make the best use of the tools. The very platform of Lamudi is likewise discussed in this class. Brokers are given a walkthrough of the website, how it works, and which tools can be used for generating, managing, and converting leads.

The Advanced Level teaches brokers strategies to maximize digital marketing efforts and improve the conversion of leads into sales. This includes refining content and communications tactics, as well as understanding common errors when trying out different tips and techniques. Ultimately, the goal of the session is to sharpen brokers into being top of mind for clients.

Meanwhile, the Expert Classes discuss trends that shape the future of the real estate industry, as well as the demographics of current property seekers. The coaches likewise give a rundown of the most in-demand locations on the Lamudi platform. These pieces of information help brokers recalibrate strategies and establish relevance through and through.

In the past years, a lot of brokers have recognized the value of the training classes to their line of work. “It was a concise session that was able to help me boost my career in real estate,” Eric Boromeo, a property consultant at DMCI Homes, Inc. said.

Training Set-up

To make the training classes more accessible, the Lamudi Academy offers different arrangements for brokers and brokerage companies. There’s internal training, where participants can attend the sessions at the Lamudi office. External training, on the other hand, is a special seminar held at a brokerage firm’s office. Lastly, there’s online training, where the sessions are done virtually.

Lately, all the classes have been happening on Lamudi’s social media page, in compliance with coronavirus quarantine measures. Tackling a range of topics since the lockdown, the Academy has webinars about creating valuable conversations with clients online, using virtual tours and online property presentations, harnessing tools for work-from-home, and drafting a content marketing strategy.

This post is part of a series of articles about the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards 2020. To know the winners of the Individual Awards, click here.

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