The MArC that marks

AFTER 25 years, the United Architects of the Philippines-Manila Archizonian Chapter gave birth to its shortened name, “MArC” during the strategic planning stage of the Chapter’s Board of Trustees. The coined name was the idea of the chapter’s immediate past president and now the Regional District B1 Director, yours truly, and the members of the Board of Trustees wherein they come up with the idea of shortening the chapter’s name for the benefit of the public. This way, the public can easily recall the chapter’s name.

MArC started a new horizon of distributing wheelchairs throughout the country. A distribution that, indeed, marked in the hearts of the people who personally witnessed how the beneficiaries were surprised while receiving their wheelchairs. The wheelchair distribution not only gives love, but also brings hope to its beneficiaries as it brings smile and tears in eyes.

UAP Manila Archizonian Chapter started a new horizon of distributing wheelchairs all over the country.

This act of kindness became a historical event not only to the chapter but also to its mother organization, the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) as no one from its affiliated chapters has conducted this kind of activity before.

People may wonder how this act of kindness of MArC has started became a real one. It is all rooted on the personal experience of Arch. Domalaon, whose late mother needed a wheelchair. However, due to financial constraints, his family chose to rent a wheelchair when needed and he vowed to give wheelchairs to those who need it.

Surprisingly, the vow was supported by the members of the board, who decided to allocate portion of the fees collected from the CPD seminars to defray the necessary expenses of the wheelchair distribution. With the help of few sponsors, MArC has already distributed more than 2,000 wheelchairs and grocery items all over the country. It can be concluded that MArC has made the dreams of persons with disabilities to have a wheelchair come true. MArC’s drive and passion to continuously distribute wheelchairs has made a significant mark.

Another milestone that also made another mark in the history of the chapter is conducting the caravan mission in the cities of Makati and Manila. This includes various services, free of charge, including but not limited to half or full body massage, manicure and pedicure, haircut, senior citizen’s desk and assistance, job hunting assistance, architectural consultation and legal consultation. The services rendered in two cities have accommodated more than 1,000 persons.

The implementation of medical, dental and legal assistance project in Makati City is an eye opener that even the richest city in the Philippines has less fortunate brothers and sisters. Furthermore, the project proves that even those who can afford to pay availed the services offered by MArC.

It should be stressed that MArC proved that architects are not just best in delivering services connected to the profession. One cannot deny the fact that MArC has made a noteworthy mark that is imprinted in the hearts and minds of those who benefitted in their endeavors.

It cannot be denied that MArC has managed to submit its bid for the different categories of the UAP Committee on Awards for two consecutive years, including but not limited to the bid for the Best Chapter, Best Chapter President, Best New Member and Bayanihang Arkitektura.

With the help of Tongson Law Offices, the bids of the chapter were successfully crafted, polished and submitted to the UAP Committee on Awards. As a result, all submitted biddings were recognized and were nominated accordingly.

All officers and members of MArC, together with some volunteers, worked hand in hand in preparing and packing the grocery items to the less fortunate in Luzon. This little act somehow enabled them to survive their day to day battle in life. It is fulfilling when you see and feel how these people appreciate and treasure what they received.

This program not only gives impact to the beneficiaries, but also gives hope that in times of need, the existence of the UAP will be felt. Furthermore, the program is a proof that UAP will continue to exist in the community by responding to the needs of the community.

MArC made another milestone act by joining the 2019 Miss Earth-Philippines and 2019 Miss Earth in their different environmental causes in protecting the Earth. MArC was constantly involved in the different environmental initiatives of the Miss Earth Foundation like the tree planting activities, exhibits and symposium about green architecture, clean-up drives and the 5Rs (re-think, reduce, re-use, recycle and respect) campaign. The Miss Earth Foundation sent candidates to different provinces of the Philippines to implement the said activities.

Having these activities and being part of the organizing team of a beauty pageant, the architectural profession is being recognized worldwide as vital not only in building state-of-the-art structures and sustainable projects, but also in the architectural design of the pageantry arena, allowing people to be aware of the profession’s capability to adjust to what was presented in a given period of time.

MArC has been a partner of the community for 25 years and will continue to be of service to the members of the profession, the general public and the state. In fact, MArC has delivered activities that touched the hearts and minds of everyone.

Prior to my presidency, MArC has started to build a foundation that can be used as a key towards chapter’s fame and success. Be that as it may, this foundation was used in such a way that it can adapt easily to the changing environment after taking the proper perspectives outside the four corners of our comfort zone and seeing different factors that can aid MArC to become a better one.

As the chapter celebrates its 25th Founding Anniversary, let us keep in mind what Charles Darwin said “It is NOT the strongest of the species that survives, or the biggest, or even the most intelligent. Rather, it is the one that is most adaptable to change which last.” With this, one can proudly say that MArC has sensibly adapted to the constant change, which makes it a significant mark to the members of the profession, the general public and the state.

Arch. Louisito L. Domalaon, UAP is presently the Regional District Director of UAP District B1, CADD Department Head of DCHReyes Structural Consultant, and Commander of the Philippine Coastal River Guards. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Manuel L. Quezon University and passed the 2013 Special Professional Licensure Board Examinations for overseas Filipino Workers s in the Middle East. He previously served as President of UAP Manila Archizonian.

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