The Perks of Living in a Tourist Hotspot

How dreamy it is to live in a tourist area, walking the streets of a historical town or waking up to the cool, fresh air brought by the surrounding mountain ranges. In the new normal, it looks like many are considering living the dream.

According to Lamudi’s trend report Hotspots Unwrapped: 2020’s Most Popular Locations, among the most-searched provincial locations are tourist areas: Antipolo, Angeles, Baguio, and Imus. At a time when work-from-home is the norm and recreational opportunities are a bit elusive, it’s not surprising that many property seekers are looking into the possibility of living in a tourist area.

If you’re among these people, these are the perks you can expect from this set-up (apart from the beautiful sight, of course):

Jobs are Everywhere

Vibrant tourism activity generates employment opportunities for the locals. As hotels, cafes and restaurants, and other attractions pop up everywhere, you’ll find a host of job options that can lead you to a fulfilling career. And as the local economy grows, more establishments will emerge in the area, bringing fresh new opportunities.

Live your dream as an event coordinator in a hotel in Baguio, planning destination weddings or exciting travel activities for tourists. Or, if you’ll buy a house and lot in Antipolo, pursue being a general manager in one of the fancy restaurants in the city. You get to snag the perfect job and provide food on the table for your family.

Essentials Are Covered

Those establishments we’ve mentioned? You get to benefit from those not just as a professional, but also as an average homeowner. Since your location is frequently visited, all the essential amenities are in there. From malls and supermarkets to banks, hospitals, and schools down to pet stores, you can find everything accessible from your home.

If you buy a foreclosed house and lot in Imus, Cavite, for instance, you’ll find three big shopping malls within the area: The District, SM Malls, and Robinsons Place. Imagine the convenience of being able to shop for groceries, run bank errands, and grab healthy bites for lunch by just biking or driving a few blocks from home.

Public Transport Is Accessible

Since tourist hotspots are brimming with people who need to move around, public transportation is highly accessible. Going from point A to point B wouldn’t be a problem because you can count on the tricycles, jeeps, cabs, and buses all around the vicinity. What’s more, future infrastructure projects are often geared towards increasing mobility in tourist hotspots.

Take, for example, the travelers’ favorite Angeles City. It benefited from the construction of the new terminal building in Clark International Airport. It’s expected to see more tourists, as the government completes other major projects, such as the Subic Freeport Expressway (SFEX) Capacity Expansion, and the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Connector.

When you live here in this tourist hotspot, you will experience convenience going around, and also in and out of the city.

Friends Will Visit You

Instead of you going to loved ones, they will be the ones coming to you for the obvious reason that they would want to see for themselves the tourist attractions in your location. In this case, you can save money from travel expenses. And if you’re the type who wants to host guests, you’ll be living the dream of organizing get-togethers for your loved ones.

Plus, you get to be the “tour guide” your friends and family need. If you’re living in Antipolo, you can plan a themed food crawl on their next visit. In the summer capital of the country, you can draw up an itinerary visiting Baguio’s colorful houses or historical hotspots. Catching up with friends and loved ones will always be one for the books.

Investment Opportunities Are Promising

Since tourist areas boast of increased traffic, the rental homes provide strong returns. Grab the opportunity to invest in properties that you can lease out to travelers. Focus on those located in frequently visited areas. Another real estate investment opportunity is selling vacation homes. Buy foreclosed properties in Pampanga, renovate them, and put them up for sale for profit. For sure, you’d catch those who are looking to find a residence outside the capital region.

It’s a dream to live in a tourist area. You could make it a reality for your family. Start looking at travel destinations as your next home.

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