What’s Next After Your First Converted Lead?

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Finally, you’ve closed a deal. Give yourself a pat on the back. You certainly deserve to celebrate. Contrary to what you may think, however, the job isn’t over: that sale has a potential for repeat sale or to generate a new one. You want to seize this moment to kickstart yet another campaign using effective lead conversion strategies.

Here are some things you need to do after a converted lead:

Thank the Client

In the same manner that you say thank you to customers who walk out of a store, express gratitude to that young couple who just bought their first condo from you. Send them a housewarming gift, such as a set of nice food containers or a basket of baked goodies, along with a welcome home card. Or, you can also send a personal thank-you email.

The main reason you’re doing this step is you want your client to feel valued. When they feel like you matter to them, there’s a good chance that they’ll get in touch with you the next time they or someone they know has real estate needs. Another promising lead waiting to be tapped, right? The bottom line: exhaust lead generation and conversion opportunities.

Ask for Honest Feedback

You’re hitting two birds with one stone in this one. First, you get to hold your interaction with the client just a little bit longer. In fact, you’re making a crucial step towards a better relationship by subtly telling them that their opinions matter to you. Secondly, the obvious one, you’re able to evaluate your performance. When crafting questionnaires, keep in mind the buying journey of the customer, just like when figuring out how to convert leads.

You probably would want to start with questions such as how the clients chose an agent or which sources of information they trust when they pick one. From there, you can ask which services they find most helpful in their purchase and which can be improved further. At the end of the form, ask them if it’s okay to use their insights as customer testimonials on your website or online profile.

Send out the survey a few days after the closing. You want to capture their most recent impression of you, so seize the moment. Then, take time to process the strengths and weaknesses they pointed out. Use that information in tweaking your strategies for your next lead acquisition campaign and filtering the career classes on lead conversion strategies you would want to enroll in the future.

Seek Referrals

A client who feels valued is more likely to refer you to their family and friends. That’s something you want to look forward to, right? But on the flip side, you don’t want to settle with just being optimistic about it. You need to work towards it. In other words, don’t be passive about referrals. Be proactive in seeking them out. Understand, however, that there’s a certain art to asking for referrals.

One thing to consider is the timing. The best time to ask for a referral is when the client acknowledges your work, such as when they thank you at closing. Another consideration here is your actual spiel. You want to highlight that being intrusive isn’t your game. Reassure them that you don’t like calling out of the blue. From there, you can simply tell your previous client that if there’s anyone they think would need an agent, they can introduce you by email or phone. Over time, this is going to be how you can earn more as a real estate broker.

Talk about Your Latest Victory

A closed deal is a big deal. You should celebrate it — not only with a drink or two with friends but also with an online post. Share your experience on a blog or on social media. Make it public. This is not to brag or make people envious of your success; this is to establish your credibility in the industry.

Once people see that you’re able to give a young couple their first condo or a growing family their dream home, they will be curious as to how you did it. Inquiries may follow, and the chance to work your magic and apply effective lead conversion strategies gets started yet again. If it’s not potential clients ringing your phone, it could be writers wanting you to be featured in their magazine. That also builds your credibility and expands your reach.

Again, congrats on making that sale. Celebrate your success, but keep in mind that this time window is ideal for generating and converting a lead yet again. Seize the moment.

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